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How to Craft a Product Strategy that Works


Without a sound product strategy, teams run in circles. The symptoms of a lack of a meaningful strategy are:

  • Focus on discussions instead of progressing
  • Prioritization is painful
  • Opinions talk louder than evidence
  • Doing everything is more important than reaching goals

It's time to change that. A working product strategy simplifies decision-making, removes confusion, and enables teams to accelerate value creation.

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Master Product Strategy

Anti Bullshit Product Management

How can you create digital products when everyone distracts you?

For years, I struggled to navigate through the complexities of creating valuable products. The hard way, I learned what it takes to thrive and overcome dangerous traps.

This is a 4-hour video-paced course, including a monthly Lean Coffee live-stream.

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Learn how to do PM without BS

Product Discovery Done Right

Creating products, nobody needs isn't why product teams exist!

Many teams spend most of their time figuring out how to accelerate delivery; though that's valuable, it's not what matters most.

9 out of 10 ideas will fail.

Product discovery done right helps you learn what you don't know fast enough so you can focus on ideas worth pursuing.

This is a series of 4 live stream sessions of 2 hours, including 20+ templates and live activities.

Learn how to drop bad ideas fast enough

Product Owner Beyond Scrum

A Product Owner isn't a Backlog Owner, though that was my job when I first wore this hat. To thrive as a Product Owner, one needs to learn how to go beyond Scrum.

This live-streamed cohort of 6 hours focuses on overcoming what it entails to be an outstanding Product Owner as well as clarifying how to break free from avoidable and predictable mistakes.

Join us to rock the product world!

Rock as a Product Owner

Untrapping Product Teams Book

Untrapping Product Teams guides you to simplify what gets unintentionally complicated and equips you to overcome dangerous traps while steadily driving customer and business value. This isn’t just another book about product management. It’s a thought-provoking guide filled with simplicity, encouraging you to act today for a better tomorrow.

This book is for anyone facing the challenges of working on or with product teams. It lays out leading best practices, combined with “secret ingredients” crafted by the author based on years of experience. Learn what makes or breaks product teams so you are ready to do what it takes to thrive with digital products.

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