Simplifying Product Management

Hi, I'm David Pereira


A passionate Product Leader with 15+ years of experience with Agile teams and Product Management. My journey has been bumpy as I learned how to lead teams to deliver value the hard way.

Failure after failure, I learned what works and what doesn’t. That’s why I love sharing what I wish I had known when I started my journey. When I am writing, I imagine talking to myself, “What would help me during that moment of my journey?”

My mission is to help product teams deliver REAL value faster and unlock their potential. Therefore, I help companies and teams untrap themselves and overcome the multiple traps ahead of them.

I’ve worked in different sectors, like, automobile, public, trade marketing, e-commerce, etc., and in different countries, from Brazil to Germany.

I’m a self-employed Product Leader and Coach.

My mission is to help teams excel by simplifying how they work. Every day, I do my best to help companies stand out with product management.

At the moment, I’m striving to innovate the maritime industry. As the CEO of omoqo GmbH, I’m doing my best to create an environment where great ideas can happen.

Reach out at [email protected]

Highlights of My Journey

  • Top writer on product management and agile: 300+ published articles with millions of reads worldwide. The content I share has helped professionals worldwide to create value faster.
  • Co-Author for the Agile Product Manifesto: A set of values and principles that help product teams reflect and identify opportunities to improve how they work. It has helped hundreds of teams in different corners of the world.
  • Guiding an agency from traditional project management to modern product management: I led the team on a transformational journey to focus on outcomes instead of outputs. Leading over following. Satisfying customers instead of pleasing them. The mission required staff training, hiring, changes, and organizational coaching. It was exciting and rewarding.
  • Innovate the secondhand car market in Brazil. We created a business of 200M USD per year. I was the Product Owner responsible for three Scrum Teams. I led them in discovering solutions that disrupted this market. 
  • Exponential marketplace growth: from a 500K € to 45M € revenue per year. My role was to find alternatives for scaling the business; I was the Product Owner of it.

Where to Find My Content

  • Blog: every week, I share insights about Agile, Product Management, Startup, and Leadership. You can find my pieces in my newsletter, Untrapping Product Teams.
  • Live Talks: to help people overcome their challenges, I host free webinars and also join live sessions as a guest speaker. You can find the upcoming events and recordings here.
  • Podcasts: every now and then, I am invited as a guest speaker in a Podcast. You can find the recordings here.
  • Maven: you can attend to my live cohorts if you want to level up your career.


If you want to get in touch, you can reach me on LinkedIn or drop me a message here.