How to Craft a Product Strategy that Works

Simplifying decision-making while removing confusion

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No-BS Product Strategy Video Course

  • Understand what good and bad product strategy look like
  • Learn how to craft a product strategy that works
  • Clarity on different types of business model
  • Proven methods to test and adapt your product strategy fast enough
  • Real-world examples
  • 3 hours of self-paced course
  • 10+ templates
  • 20+ additional resources

What People Say About My Courses

David takes learners on a journey rich in examples from the physical and digital world. I found the personal learnings, shared in a simple, straight-forward language, particularly insightful. Can’t wait to apply these lessons (David's templates make it easier).

Olimpia Buhai, UX Researcher

This course gives you a lot of valuable material to use in your product strategy journey, while it also gives you a solid basis on product strategy, (actually strategizing your product). It does not only offer a fresh perspective, but at its price, it is basically a steal for all the content it provides.

Hector Feliciano, Agile Master

The course is simply amazing! It is built on the real experience and shares a lot of insights about PMs daily life, responsibilities, and best practices.

Yan Pabudzei, Business Analyst

It's very interesting to learn how tools coming from different horizons were assembled together to help shape product strategy.

Patrice Gouin, Strategy Analyst

Loved this course for Product Owners with some experience. It reviews the basics and also goes way further. With real life examples, useful links and recommendations.

María González Jiménez, Full Stack Developer

This excellent course provides a comprehensive understanding of various product management skills, enabling you to excel in your role.

Randy Rosen, VP of Product

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

Product Leaders, Product Managers, and Product Owners will benefit from this course. Anyone working in or with product teams will find value in the content.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, this course is for you:

  • Does prioritization consume too much time?
  • Do teams lack a shared understanding of what matters most now?
  • Is product strategy a myth that everyone hears about but no one sees?
  • Are you tired of extensive discussions about the work instead of doing it?
  • Do you miss the meaning of what you're working on?
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What's Inside This Course?

#01 What's Product Stategy?


You will learn what good and bad product strategy looks like. Beyond that, you will understand the key aspects of a sound product strategy.

We will also explore different stories and the importance of pivoting.

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#02 Understanding Your Audience


Product strategy isn't anything like one-size-fits-all. This module clarifies different types of strategies for different audiences.

You will learn how to adapt your product strategy according to your audience.

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#03 Product Strategy Key Elements


This module covers crafting a product strategy from zero to one. It decomposes it into four elements and provides proven methods you can apply immediately.

It also connects with practical examples and shows how you can gradually evolve your product strategy.

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#04 Business Models


During this part, you will learn different types of business models. We will cover key aspects, examples, and challenges.

We will also explore how to benefit from combining different business models.

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#05 Testing Your Strategy


If the strategy is set in stone, it will fail. I will equip you to gradually test your product strategy and understand what works and what doesn't.

This module shares industry-proven techniques and real-world examples. It prepares you to adapt your strategy when reality surprises you.

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#06 Where to Start


Many teams lack product strategy and don't know where to start. That's normal. You don't need to panic.

I will take different perspectives to know where to start. Product leaders' starting point will be different from product managers, and we will clarify how to act immediately.

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#07 Further Learning


Product management requires continuous learning. The last module is short, focusing on bringing additional resources so you can rock the product world!

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Shall we rock the product world together?

Let's break free from bullshit and rock the product world

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About the Instructor

Hey, I'm David Pereira, a Product Coach tired of nonsense. For 15 years, I've been playing the digital product game. I had more failures than I can count. After hitting the wall several times, I learned what it takes to thrive as a product manager. That's what I want to share with you.

Since 2020, I've openly shared my mistakes, failures, and insights on agile product management, reaching over 10 million readers worldwide. My thought-provoking courses have 15K+ satisfied students across 120+ countries.

The numbers don’t drive me, but the outcomes do. I often receive messages from people worldwide sharing stories on how my content helped them overcome a challenge, get a new job, receive a promotion, or even start a business. Such messages touch and inspire me.


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