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Anti Bullshit Product Management

How to drive value when everyone distracts you!

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A Radical Way of Doing Product Management

  • Learn what distracts you from creating value
  • Understand dangerous traps to overcome them
  • Clarity on how to defeat the feature factory
  • Learn how to apply the fundamentals of product management
  • 4 hours of video-paced course
  • Quarterly¬†1h30min Q&A for you to ask me anything
  • 20¬† templates
  • Break free from BS to do real product management work

What People Say About My Courses

I definitely gained a lot of inspiration on what to think of, and on top of that several step-by-step guides to drive change. David has broad experience and is a very good story teller, which made my learning with him enjoyable. 

Jan ŇėeŇôicha, Product Owner

Have you ever searched for a neatly packaged and concise course on dealing with situations related to anti-patterns in product management? Or perhaps wondered how to tackle them or where to start the fight against them? Look no further

Casper ŇĽurawski, Product¬†Manager

I would recommend this fun experience to all Product People with some time on their hands, and would make it mandatory to those who believe they have no time on their hands.

Dirk Fabricius, Agile Transformation Coach

Loved it! Easy to understand and digest and always straight to the point. A lot of theory though but you can easily apply it in your daily work.

Esam Kelani, Product Manager

It is great to learn from David with all his experience. I can definately apply in my role.

Andri√ętte Bergakker,¬†Business Analyst

Excellent content! The tips, plus real-life examples for understanding PO challenges, are clear and concise! 100% recommended.

Marilyn Unzueta Zari, Product Owner

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

Product Managers and Product Owners will benefit from this course for sure. Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches will also find it valuable.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, this course is for you:

  • Are you tired of delivering¬†features without knowing why?
  • Do you feel like¬†doing bullshit management¬†instead of product management?
  • Do you¬†struggle to prioritize¬†because stakeholders want everything done by yesterday?
  • Are you locked in the¬†roadmap circus?
  • Do you feel like¬†maximizing features defines success?
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What's Inside This Course?

#01 Uncensored Product Management

Understanding the theory and reality when it comes to creating digital products.

You will get a health check to evaluate your reality and take action. 

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#02 Overcoming Bullshit Management

Clarify what distracts you from creating value. 

10 common traps and tips to overcome them.

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#03 Product Manager vs. Backlog Manager

This module covers what a product manager is and what happens when the corporate firewall hits. We explore the most common anti-pattern, the backlog manager.

We will talk about what good and bad looks like for product managers.

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#04 Common Ways of Working

How do teams work? Is the focus on coordinating or collaborating?

This module explores common ways of working, advantages, and disadvantages. We also explore the opportunities to improve collaboration and accelerate value creation.

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#05 Product Management Fundamentals


Explanation with examples of the key ingredients of creating digital products.

We explore crafting product strategy, applying product discovery, and driving value with product delivery.

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#06 Overcoming Challenging Scenarios

No matter where you work, you will face common challenges, which this module addresses.

It equips you to move away from common challenges.

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#07 Defeating The Feature Factory


Building features nobody needs isn't fun. This module focuses on simple techniques to prioritize ideas and drop distractions fast enough.

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#08 Mastering the Art of Questions

Great product managers ask 10x more questions than give answers. This module helps you sharpen your skillset to ask powerful questions.

We will approach questions to stakeholders, software engineers, and general techniques.

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Shall we rock the product world together?

Let's break free from bullshit and rock the product world

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About the Instructor

Hey, I'm David Pereira, a Product Coach tired of nonsense. For 15 years, I've been playing the digital product game. I had more failures than I can count. After hitting the wall several times, I learned what it takes to thrive as a product manager. That's what I want to share with you.

Since 2020, I've openly shared my mistakes, failures, and insights on agile product management, reaching over 10 million readers worldwide. My thought-provoking courses have 15K+ satisfied students across 120+ countries.

The numbers don’t drive me, but the outcomes do. I often receive messages from people worldwide sharing stories on how my content helped them overcome a challenge, get a new job, receive a promotion, or even start a business. Such messages touch and inspire me.


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