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How to Craft a Product Strategy that Works

Join this course to learn how to craft product strategies that simplify decision-making.

This is a no-bs course focused on empowering product people to drive business and customer value!

What you'll get:

  • Understand what good and bad product strategy look like
  • Learn how to craft a product strategy that works
  • Clarity on different types of business model
  • Proven methods to test and adapt your product strategy fast enough
  • Real-world examples
  • 3 hours of self-paced course
  • 10+ templates
  • 20+ additional resources

If you're ready to rock the world, join us!

What People Are Saying About David's Courses:

This course gives you a lot of valuable material to use in your product strategy journey, while it also gives you a solid basis on product strategy, (actually strategizing your product). It does not only offer a fresh perspective, but at its price, it is basically a steal for all the content it provides. If you are looking to go out of this course and rock the product world instantly, this course is not for you - (but which course is it?) - however, if you are looking to build a fundamental basis to start strategizing your product and build a vision, strategy, roadmap in an outcome-oriented, value-driven, and empirical way, this is for sure a great course!

Hector Feliciano

It's very interesting to learn how tools coming from different horizons were assembled together to help shape product strategy.

Patrice Gouin

The lived experiences David shared made this course come to life! It's impressive how he has lifted his own struggles and wins to create a course that we can benefit from.

Nisha Joshi

This course brings the value! Offering insights, real-life examples and hands on activities while keeping it simple. You'll leave with perspective and tools you can start using right away!

Jennifer Forbes

I really connect with the way the instructor explains. I can also understand how to apply the concepts in real life.

Dylan Schembri, Product Manager